Cartegena is a natural harbour long admired by seafarers over the centuries and still used as a Spanish naval base in the Western Mediterranean. Roman buildings of high status survive here and show how much importance they placed on it. The early 20th century left its mark with the wealthy adding their touch, and many of the details have me remembering Prague, with the quality of workmanship much in evidence.



Walking past doors is always a temptation to enter that I can never resist, and nobody has ever shown me off the premises. Can’t you just imagine the well-heeled descending these stairs to be whisked off to some cocktail party with the A-listers of their day?


Many contemporary facades in this city have been saved and supported, presumably for future development, which is a comforting sight. There are so many of them that funding must be the main issue.


I am staying in a 4 star hotel tonight, which is a first. I was so tired of walking the streets looking for a room that I thought I’d treat myself. Other than a very well-stocked mini bar, there’s not much difference, except the phone next to the toilet. Can anyone explain that one to me? I’m more familiar with camp-sites where toilet paper is a luxury so this one has me intrigued.


To affirm my 4 star status, I dined at a very inviting restaurant this evening dating back to 1935, with little change judging by the pictures. These two gentlemen served a very passable meal, washed down with one of the finest wines known to humanity. I could get used to this.



3 thoughts on “Port”

  1. Stop press! We were in the middle of watching of watching Black Hawk Down when the blog arrived and the pause button pressed (much to Steve’s dismay!). So toilets again is it, this time with a phone….. Hmmm. We think it is in case you get a bit peckish in there and need a swiftly Paella! X


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